Budding Industry Podcast: Season 1

Episode 1: Gill Polard of The Her(B) Life discusses building a brand and community around the female cannabis experience.

Episode 2: Michael Elkin of Cannabis Compliance Inc. tells us all about his work helping LP’s on their path to getting licensed.

Episode 3: Will Hyde of Leafly chats with us about his humble beginnings in cannabis and his passion for concentrates & dabbing.

Episode 4: Sheena Shiravi of Eaze gives us the backstory behind the fastest-growing technology company in the cannabis sector.

Episode 5: Katie Pringle of Cannabis Communications discusses all things PR, branding and communications in helping her clients share their message.

Episode 6: Charles Rutherford is the Business Development Director at Boveda, the Global Leader in 2-way Humidity Control, the only humidity control recommended by ASTM’s global cannabis standards.

Episode 7: Peter Pilarski is President of Cannabiz Social, an agency specializing in communications, marketing and branding for the Canadian cannabis industry and a subsidiary of CIPR Communications.


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The Manifesto

With the birth of any new industry comes great opportunity, great risk, and undoubtedly some pretty incredible stories. The Budding Industry podcast was born out of a desire to tell these stories of Cannabis Capitalists, industry pioneers, and founders blazing their own path.

Through in-depth discussions, the show uncovers what it takes to build a successful business in such a young and unexplored industry. Listeners will also get an insider’s view into the personal and professional backgrounds of successful entrepreneurs in the cannabis space.

Get inspired. Discover stories. Join the movement.

Do you know of a cannabis entrepreneur who deserves to be in the spotlight? Have a business-of-cannabis story that you want to tell the world?

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