Enjoy these discussions with leading cannabis entrepreneurs & professionals

Episode 1: Gill Polard of The Her(B) Life discusses building a brand and community around the female cannabis experience.

Episode 2: Michael Elkin of Cannabis Compliance Inc. tells us all about his work helping LP’s on their path to getting licensed.

Episode 3: Will Hyde of Leafly chats with us about his humble beginnings in cannabis and his passion for concentrates & dabbing.

Episode 4: Sheena Shiravi of Eaze gives us the backstory behind the fastest-growing technology company in the cannabis sector.

Episode 5: Katie Pringle of Cannabis Communications discusses all things PR, branding and communications in helping her clients share their message.

Episode 6: Charles Rutherford is the Business Development Director at Boveda, the Global Leader in 2-way Humidity Control, the only humidity control recommended by ASTM’s global cannabis standards.

Episode 7: Peter Pilarski is President of Cannabiz Social, an agency specializing in communications, marketing and branding for the Canadian cannabis industry and a subsidiary of CIPR Communications.

Episode 8: Kory Zelickson is a co-founder of Namaste Technologies and has 15+ years of experience in operating multiple successful e-commerce businesses and in international sales. At Namaste, Kory is focused on areas of business development and investor relations.

Episode 9: Kyra Reed is the co-founder of Kadin Academy, an online education platform for women in cannabis, and one of the largest cannabis networking Facebook groups, Women Entrepreneurs in Cannabis.

Episode 10: Sheldon Owen is the founder of Muncheez, an industry-leading marketplace that connects the right consumers to the right businesses across the entire cannabis industry.

Episode 11: Danny Keith is the founder of Cannabis Club TV, the first broadcasting network devoted to the cannabis industry, certified by Tommy Chong – at dispensaries, on the internet, on your home TV and via a mobile app.


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